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Created in 1977, the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance Open Division is a 501(c)(3) international sports organization comprised of men and women dedicated to promoting amateur athletics for the LGBT community. NAGAAA was formed to encourage the participation of gay men and lesbians in organized softball competition.

Currently, over 800 teams in 45 leagues across the United States and Canada are members of NAGAAA. Teams representing these leagues participate in the NAGAAA Gay Softball World Series (GSWS), hosted each year in a different member city.

The NAGAAA Open Division teams consist of men/women mixed teams or exclusively male teams. We have five divisions of play -- A, B, C, D and Masters (individuals that have reached 50 years of age). These division designations pertain to the competitive level of play, with "A" being the most skilled, and the "D" supporting the more recreational levels of play.

NAGAAA Past and Future

The legacy of NAGAAA will be kept and passed down to future generations of softball players from current and new member cities by way of a "Hall of Fame". In 1997, NAGAAA initiated the "Hall of Fame" to honor the achievements of people and member cities in gay softball (Both on and off the playing field). NAGAAA inducted the founding fathers from New York and San Francisco that same year. In 1998, the first woman was inducted in a ceremony held during the GSWS festivities.

While the primary focus of NAGAAA remains the organized athletic competition of gay softball, NAGAAA is also committed to helping our community. Through its annual talent show (Held each year during GSWS week), NAGAAA raises thousands of dollars which goes to support various local HIV / AIDS and other organizations in the host city of that year's GSWS.


  • Annually supports the Gay Softball World Series and, through fund raising activities at these games, supports national and local AIDS organizations and other charities.
  • Gives participants from member cities the opportunity to travel to other cities across the US & Canada to meet new people and form bonds of friendship that will last a lifetime.
  • Promotes the idea of athletic competition and good physical health in support of the gay lifestyle - Encourages the formation of new gay softball leagues and assists in their start up - Provides an opportunity for gay men and women to work and socialize together for common goals.
  • Provides a communications link between the leagues and the gay community in member cities as well as with other gay organizations within the member cities - Strives for high standards of sportsmanship and conduct to attain fair play on and off the field.
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